Meet The Team

Team Member

As an ex-smoker James knows how hard it is to stop. He founded to make it easier for smoker to kick the habit.

James Stewart

Founder / CEO
Team Member

Passionate about new technologies and innovation, Rob is's lead investor and director of marketing.

Rob Porcaro

CMO - Main Investor
Marketing Director
Team Member

Joep is a behaviour change researcher with a keen interest in using technology to treat addictions and problem behaviours. couldn't be a more perfect fit.

Joep van Agteren

Lead Researcher
Team Member

Sim brings a different approach, putting an important focus on User Interaction during the exploration and development of a new product or service.

Sim Penzo

CDO - Lead Designer
Tech Cofounder
Team Member

Jake has an unparalelled work ethic and passion for app development which is the driving force for the success of his team.

Jake Penzo

CTO - iOS + Web Dev
Tech Cofounder
Team Member

Contracted to build the backend of Works with Jake on developing the product. Passionate about new tech and building strong, stable, scaleable products.

Elijan Sejic

Backend Dev