Why is Kick.it a research platform?

Kick.it isn’t just another quit smoking app. It’s a fullblown research platform with only one aim: to improve the way Kick.it works and help increase the chances of each user to kick the habit. By continuously testing the effectiveness of our app, and its components, we make sure you cantrust on Kick.it to help you kick the habit.

Who do we work with?

We have been working together with researchers and research institutes from Australia and beyond since we started this project. They have been working tirelessly on getting Kick.it ready for launch. While we are based on Adelaide (Australia), we are able to collaborate with researchers from all over the globe. Interested in collaborating? Just send us a message via the contact page.

How can I join Kick.it research?

You can opt into research when you download the app. Kick.ituses something that is called an “in-app consent flow”. It displays all thenecessary information you need to know (for instance how we deal with yourprivacy, how much time the research costs) in a couple of easy to read screens. If you agree to let us study your data, you are actively helping us improve ourapp according to the highest scientific standards.