The Concept offers a personalized quit solution. Each user receives a unique quit smoking program: all content is tailored and personalized for each individual journey, as each smoker is unique in their smoking habit. No user ever gets the same program.

Our objectives

To help you develop a personal quit strategy

We help you create your personal quit strategy, based on best-practice recommendations, to make sure you are ready to tackle everything challenge head-on.

To help increase medication adherence

If you decide to use pharmacotherapy, we will provide education and support to make sure you get the best out of it.

To help you get the social support you need

We will make sure you will always be able to get social support, whether this is via your existing contacts, or using our network of active users who are accessible 24/7.

To be there for your full quit journey

We are here for your full quit journey. Relapse and slip-ups are part of quitting, and we will use information of past quit attempts to improve your chances in future ones.

To educate your supporters

We are not just an app for smokers, but also actively focus on educating and motivating social supporters; to ensure they are as involved in the quit attempt as the smoker is.

To help advance scientific research into addiction studies the data of each user to help advance our understanding of addiction research, starting with smoking cessation, which will directly benefit each user

The components

Quit Smoking Profile

we allow our users to log smokes, craves, moods and triggers to create a detailed smoking profile, which will be used to tailor our interventions.

Kick stack

we will give users access to an endless quantity of educational and motivational content, to ensure everyone is able to get through their craves: content that is completely tailored to whatever they want, like and most importantly need to know.

Medication education

we provide in-app reminders and prompts, as well as education to improve correct use of quit smoking medication.

Missions and challenges

each user has access to daily missions that provide extra support during their quit attempt.

Social network

our in-app social network is always available to provide support and share their own experiences with quit smoking, to further strengthen our users’ chance to quit.

Research platform

with you will have access to a cutting edge research platform that will be constantly evolving. By joining you will help improve for yourself and future users.

We are all about research is completely evidence-based and works together with medical and behavioural researchers to improve the app, and guide the development of new features.
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